VIII  международная научно-практическая конференция

«Морские исследования и образование: MARESEDU - 2019»

28-31 октября 2019, Москва

Адрес Центра морских исследований МГУ (организатор): 

119992, г. Москва, Ленинские горы,

Научный парк МГУ, владение 1, стр. 77.


+7 (495) 765-23-64,



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Created by Aurora Southern.





1. Oceanology

  • Current marine environment changes

  • Water bodies. Water body structure

  • Remote marine research

  • Latest fields research of the Russian seas

  • Marine process simulation


2. Hydrology

  • Current status of the Russian water resources

  • Open and ground water quality

  • Hydrological, hydrobiological, hydrochemical and hydrophysical research methods

  • Natural climatic and human-induced factors affecting water ecosystem evolution

  • The north region lakes as an source of greenhouse gases

3. Marine Geology

  • Gases and gas hydrates in sediments

  • Subaqueous gravitational processes

  • Mud volcanoes

  • Glacial and periglacial continental margins

  • Modern ocean sediment systems

  • Mineral resources of the global ocean

4. Water Areas Geophysical Surveys

  • Seismic surveys Local, oil&gas and engineering surveys

  • Acoustic surveys. Sonar detection and bathymetry

  • Gravimagnetic and electromagnetic surveys.

  • Lab research of the sediment physical properties

  • Comprehensive geological and geophysical research

5. Marine Biology

  • Russian seas biodiversity studies

  • Functional structure of marine organism habitats

  • Biota and ecosystem of relic coastal lakes studies

  • Modern methods of marine biota observation

  • Taxonomy and phylogeny

  • Marine invertebrate biology

  • Embryophytes, aglae and mycophyta studies

  • Marine animals physiology

  • Developmental biology and life cycles

  • Comprehensive marine research

6. Conservation and Environmental Protection

  • Main-induced effects in marine ecosystems

  • Coastal areas comprehensive management

  • Marine and coastal conservation area establishment and operation

  • Marine culture development

  • Legal and regulatory framework for marine resource management


7. Submarine Research Cultural Legacy

  • Work procedures

  • Education and training

  • Challenges of diving