VIII  международная научно-практическая конференция

«Морские исследования и образование: MARESEDU - 2019»

28-31 октября 2019, Москва

Адрес Центра морских исследований МГУ (организатор): 

119992, г. Москва, Ленинские горы,

Научный парк МГУ, владение 1, стр. 77.


+7 (495) 765-23-64,



©2014. Scientific-practical conference "Marine research and education."


Created by Aurora Southern.

The main topics of the conference programme:

1. Oceanology


Modern changes in natural environment of the oceans and seas


Water masses. Structure of  waters


Remote methods of studying of the oceans and seas


The most recent expeditions in the seas of Russia


Modeling of processes at the oceans and seas





2. Hydrology


The modern situation with water resources in Russia


The quality of surface and ground waters


Methods of hydrological, hydrobiological, hydrochemical and hydrophysical studies


Climatic and anthropogenic factors in evolution of aquatic ecosystems


Lakes of northern regions as sources of greenhouse gases.






3. Marine Geology


Gas and gas hydrates in marine sediments


Gravity mass movement in the Ocean


Mud volcanism


Glacial and peri-glacial continental margins


Modern and ancient cold water carbonate mounds


Resources of the World Ocean





4. Marine Geophysical Surveys


Seismic technology. Regional, oil-and-gas and engineering studies


Acoustic methods. Hydrolocation and bathymetry


Gravimagnetic and electromagnetic methods 


Laboratory studies of physical properties of sediments


Integrated geological and geophysical studies 





5. Marine biology


Studies of bio-diversity of the seas of the Russian Federation


Studies of functional structure of sea ecosystems


Morphology, anatomy and physiology of sea animals 


Studies of lakes biota and coastal ecosystems 


Modern methods in marine biota studies





6. Rational environmental management and ecological control


Anthropogenic impact on sea ecosystems


Coastal zones management 


Creation and functioning of the open marine and coastal especially protected natural territories (EPNT)


Development of aquaculture


Information and legal support of sea environmental management